Silver Bullet Pub

SilverBullet Pub is a simple tool to publish a a subset of your
SilverBullet space as a static website.

Note: this is still experimental, use at your own risk.

SilverBullet Pub publishes a subset of a space in two formats:

The tool can be run in two ways:

  1. From the SB UI, via the (via the command)
  2. As a stand-alone CLI tool (see below)

After running the Publish All command (from SB, or via the CLI as described below) the resulting website is written into your space folder under _public by default (but this is configurable). Note that because SilverBullet does not list pages starting with _, this folder will not be visible in the SilverBullet page picker, it’s only visible on disk.

After this, it’s up to you to deploy these files to any host capable of statically serving files. This repository itself is published to using Pub combined with Netlify. Check the repo to see how this works.


Run the command and add the following plug:

- github:silverbulletmd/silverbullet-pub/pub.plug.js


SilverBullet Pub is configured through SETTINGS.

Running from the CLI

First make sure you have the plug installed into your space. Then, from the command line run:

SB_DB_BACKEND=memory silverbullet plug:run <<path-to-your-space>> pub.publishAll

Running in a CI environment

You may use pub to automatically publish as part of a CI build. For this make sure that you have checked in your _plug folder (at least with the pub.plug.js file) in your code repository.

Here are the minimal steps for your CI build:

  1. Install Deno
  2. Run SB_DB_BACKEND=memory deno run --unstable-kv --unstable-worker-options -A plug:run . pub.publishAll

See .github/workflows/gh-pages.yml and netlify.toml in this repo as examples

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